What is a Puddle Duck Racer? Posted May 22, 2014


According to the designer,Shorty Routh:

*   The PDRacer is a one design racing sailboat that is basically a plywood box with a curved bottom, and is the easiest boat in the world to build. . . .  A simple hull can be made from 3 sheets of plywood, titebond II glue, and latex house paint. If you work hard for 2 weekends, you can go sailing on the 3rd weekend.

*   We use the same shaped hulls and go play with them together in fun and goofy ways, and sometimes for very serious racing.

*   Our boat is not just for racing, she is great for all sorts of other purposes – and in most states a boat this small does not need to be titled or registered. The hull shape carries 630 lbs. [A launch permit good for all PA State Parks costs $10; it can be purchased online or at state park offices.]

Want to know more?

*   FOYC’s Puddle Duck Flier

*   History, free plans, sail design, and more at the official Puddle Duck Racer Website: PDRacer.com


Always wanted to learn to sail?

*   This Summer 2011, Indiana Puddle Duckers will learn to sail through free, informal lessons at Yellow Creek; build yourself a boat and come join us.  Contact friendsofyellowcreek@gmail.com for more information

*   Interested in more formal learning? Moraine Sailing Club in Butler offers 12 Sunday lessons throughout the summer at a budget price. The MSC has US Sailing certified instructors and has offered this program for 20 years.