MDS Energy has resumed drilling at the Ray Road site within the Indiana County Conservation Zone just 1500 up hill from the lake. After beginning this well illegally, they have now been granted permission to drill, with some conditions, by the Indiana County Zoning Hearing Board which held that the operation would not be in violation of the Conservation ordinance.

Ray Road, Penn Run Pa. Y

Unfortunately, the current law does not explicitly prohibit drilling within the zone, even though its intent is “to ensure adequate protection for the quantity and quality of the park waters and to prohibit any use that poses a potential to degrade the park waters. Additional environmental concerns include air pollution in the forms of particular and noxious odor, noise pollution, and aesthetic incompatibitities, any one of which can destroy the rural park setting if allowed to operate at an abusive level. (4.600 Intent of Conservation (C) Zone)”

As many FOYC members will know, this well is close to both the Boy Scout Camp and the DCNR cabins.  If you would like to become more informed and participate in the effort to get this 30-year old law revised, please visit Coalition for a Healthy County.