Our annual “spring thaw” trail work day is less than two weeks away, so please join us if you can.
When:  Saturday April 2nd at 10:00 a.m. until mid-afternoon (or as long as you want to stay)
Where:  We will meet at the first parking lot to the right after entering the “Day Use Area” entrance.  Click on these coordinates 40.570422, -79.018380 to view the location on Google Maps.  Once there, we’ll divvy up into smaller groups.
What to bring:  Gloves, hydration, light snacks, your favorite trail tool.  Dress appropriately and prepare to get dirty!  Also your bike if you would like to ride afterward.
I’ll make arrangements to get the club trail tools, but if you have something in particular that you like; rake, shovel, rock bar, etc. bring it along.
Please come give us a hand!
We have a lot of projects planned to work on including:
  • Completely replacing the last two bridges on the western end of Damsite Trail.
  • Also on Damsite Trail, we will be constructing a heavily switchbacked reroute that will lead up to the Bear Cave Loop.  This will keep us in the woods by avoiding the climb up what was formerly Cresswell Road and also alleviate some drainage issues.
  • Complete a minor reroute on 1400 to avoid a drainage issue.
  • If we receive our PNDI clearance in time, we also have another reroute we would like to cut in on Long Haul that will keep the trail in the woods instead of briefly dropping down onto the access road.
Did I mention that we would like your help?
Any questions, please contact me or A.J.
Thank you,
(724) 910-9670
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