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FOYC is pleased to be collaborating with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and DCNR to improve water quality at Yellow Creek. You are welcome to join us in planting some 300 young trees along the banks of the creek and other marshy areas at Yellow Creek.  See the flier below for details.  Volunteers are requested to pre-register with the park by contacting Lisa Meadows (

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Riparian (Stream-side) Tree Planting

Volunteer Information

A riparian restoration project involves planting approximately 200 tree and shrub seedlings per acre. All planting are done by hand and plants can be bare-root, livestakes, and/or small (approximately 1-3 year old) potted trees and shrubs all native to Pennsylvania.

Prior to planting, volunteers are educated about the importance of trees for water quality and wildlife and how the Watershed Program of Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) is implementing projects to help improve areas in need of stream restoration. A demonstration will be done on how to plant the trees properly and safely.

Volunteers should plan to be outdoors for the day, roughly 4-6 hours, and dress accordingly based on the local forecast. Sturdy shoes or boots should be worn and gloves are recommended. Stream side areas can be wet, so waterproof/resistant gear is advisable.

Volunteers should pack a field lunch and have enough water to stay hydrated for the day.

Dress and Gear Check-list:

Suggested Protective Gear

  • Work gloves, gardening gloves are acceptable
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellant

Proper Dress

  • Dress for the weather, layers will help regulate body temperature depending on activity
  • Pants, long sleeves, and hats protect from the sun and insects
  • Sturdy work boots (preferably waterproof) will help keep feet dry and comfortable