Action Plan Posted June 15, 2014


Friends of Yellow Creek

Effective May 2010-May 2013


The Friends of Yellow Creek formed April 2010. This formation was to provide already active volunteers at the park additional facets by which to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the park and its resources.

Friends of Yellow Creek formed as a chapter of the Pa Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF). PPFF is a private, non-profit organization that works to develop resources which complement the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

This document is the Action Plan for the Friends. It is a working document to guide projects and development, and is open to be evaluated annually and reassessed. The mission and the goals were developed via electronic and in person discussions, which included the park manager and educator.

Mission Statement

Friends of Yellow Creek aims to include visitors in conserving, protecting and enhancing the natural, educational, and recreational resources of the Park.

Resources and Responsibilities

Friends of Yellow Creek

To organize and determine projects and programs that meet the mission statement and vision. To volunteer time and effort to raise funds for these purposes.

Board of Directors-

To support the Friends membership and establish policy for the group. To spearhead fundraising efforts.

Park Manager and staff-

To provide support and guidance for the group. To serve as ex officio board members. To provide cooperation or accept help with projects specific to the mission and vision.


To provide education, support, and guidance in the operation of a non-profit group, specific to the mission and vision. Provide financial services


General park volunteers asked to assist with specific projects.

OUR STRENGTHS AND CHALLENGES, opportunities and threats:


* Diversity of background and interests of board members.

* Motivation to improve the park.

* Part of network of PPFF friends.

* Dedication to the group.

* Willingness of volunteers to give time and energy to meet goals and objectives.

* Enthusiastic attitude towards promoting the park to the public.


* Time constraints of volunteers and board members.

* New organization.

* Not well known or established.


* Pa is focusing on outdoor recreation.

* Commitment from DCNR to support friends groups.

* Available training through PPFF and Pa Recreation and Parks Society.


* Time crunch that exists for volunteers

* Competition for resources.

Skill set of Board:

Fundraising—events and grant writing


Communication skills—writing and editing, website design, fliers, visual documents

Strategic planning

Presentation/education skills,

Project coordination and planning.

Hard worker, persistent, committed

Event planning and coordination

Specific skills-sailing, trail building, photography, botany, mapping, love of the outdoors/recreation

Marketing and promotion

Social skills


Board experience


1. Improve the resources at the park to attract more visitors and/or increase the value of the park.

1. Labor based

1. Enhance, mark, and expand trials for hiking, biking and cross country skiing.

2. Develop a family oriented recreation zone

3. Enhance passive recreational opportunities—handicapped, seniors

2. Monetary

1. Build a bridge over the spill way of the dam.

2. Build a pavilion

3. Upgrade playground (natural)

4. Enhance boating facilities/Bring back sailing to the park—mooring, shoreline docking, sailing

5. Kayaks for educational programming

6. disc golf

7. Expanding camping opportunities—tent camping, lean-to

2. Fundraising.

1. For Projects

2. Building and maintenance fund

3. Develop a membership program

4. Ideas for fundraising

1. Shirt sales

2. Coin operated laundry

3. Firewood

4. Donation boxes

5. Grant writing

6. Races—5K, bike, etc

7. Letter of Authorization

8. Annual event—something in September or October

9. Chances

10. Duck races

11. Great Pennsylvania Outdoor Challenge

3. Promote the use of green recreation.

1. Tout the parks accomplishments

2. Provide ideas of how folks can be green in their recreational endeavors

3. Provide education

4. Increase the visitors at the park by raising public awareness about the value of the park and the resources and activities available.

1. Develop a trail guide and registration station

2. Mark trails

3. Develop some promotional activities

4. Monitor potential threats to park.

5. Develop a webpage and utilize social media

5. Support and promote programming at the park by supporting existing groups as well as supplementing with programs where needed.

1. Docent and volunteer guides

2. Children’s programs

3. boating safety

4. Programs for seniors

5. Training–specialty

The Friends will be a membership based organization with an individual membership starting at $12 and a family membership of $15. Members will receive information, invitations, special deals. Perhaps a membership card or a window cling showing that they are a member.