YC Monthly Grassroots Racing

Founded in 2010, this is the 8th year of the YC Monthly Races.

The races began as a way to introduce more folks to the cross country trail system that circumnavigates Yellow Creek Lake and also as a vehicle to raise funds and increase membership for Friends of Yellow Creek.  We continue the race for those same reasons.  All proceeds go toward FoYC memberships and payouts.

Two races are offered:

  • A 20 Mile loop that includes all of the trails around the lake
  • A 14 Mile out-and-back that takes in the majority of the south shore trails

The mountain bike trails at Yellow Creek are created and maintained by LHORBA, the Laurel Highlands On & Off Road Bicycling Association.

Race Dates:

Saturday, March 25th
Saturday, April 15th
Saturday. May 27th
Saturday, September 30th – Series Championship
Key Times:

Registration Begins at 9:00 A.M.

Pre-Race Meeting 9:50 A.M.

Race Start 10:00 A.M.


$15.00 Friends of Yellow Creek membership fee.  This one time fee provides the participant with their race plate which is good for the entire race season.

$10.00 per race charge.  This amount goes toward payouts.

That means your first race will cost you $25.00 ($15 FoYC membership/donation + $10 race fee.)  All subsequent races for the 2017 season will only cost the $10 race fee.


All races start at the Mountain Biking Kiosk located through the Day Use Entrance.  Registration will be set up here, so park in the circle around this area.


March – Full Loop & Sport          April – Full Loop & Sport

YC Monthly Dos and Don’ts:

Do expect to have a great time on some of Western Pennsylvania’s best and well-maintained xc singletrack.

Do expect to be greeted by friendly, like-minded riders and advocates.  We welcome all to our races regardless of your riding ability.  First and foremost, mountain biking should be about having fun, that’s our number one priority.  With that in mind ….

Do expect to blow the dust off and get in shape for spring riding season!

Do use your best judgement on whether to do the Sport or Loop options.  Again, this is open to riders of all ability levels, but no one may be there to greet you when you return if it’s much later than 1:00 p.m.  If that occurs, you can text your finishing time to the emergency contact number or email us with it.

Do remember that, first and foremost, this is a fundraiser for Yellow Creek State Park.  The organizers make no money from this event.

Don’t expect a highly organized event.  Remember, this is grassroots racing.  It is entirely unsupported.  You’ll be given an emergency contact number, but there are no aid stations.  Once you start the race, you’re on your own until you return.  Carry a spare tube(s), basic tools, nutrition, and hydration that you’ll need to get you through your ride.  You know what you require better than we do.  We’ve improved signage this year, so it’s doubtful that you’ll get lost.

Don’t expect highly accurate timing at the finish.  Basically it’s going to be a guy or gal at the finish line with a stopwatch and a clipboard.  We’ll get it right within a second or five, or twenty ….

Don’t plan to get rich if you win.  I haven’t even given any thought to payouts yet and I probably won’t until the first race is underway.  Will we offer separate categories for women, singlespeeders, or those over a certain age?  Probably not, but that really depends on how many of those folks show up.  I’ll definitely consider it if we have the numbers, but more than likely, Sport and Loop will each be lumped into their own category.  Basically, if you finish ahead of most, you’ll probably leave with some gas money.

Don’t expect to use the bridge that we utilize for the race series at any other time.  We have a specific agreement with the landowner and it is not to be used for casual rides under any circumstances.  If you come back throughout the year to ride (and we hope you do!) don’t use the bridge crossing Yellow Creek.  You’ll have to use the spillway crossing and get your tootsies wet.  Honestly, it’s not bad most times of the year.  Just be cautious during the spring thaw and directly after any heavy rains.  Basically, just use your best judgement.  The park understands that we would love to have a bridge, but it will be extremely expensive.  We’re working on it, but in the meantime, look at the beautiful view you’ll get ….

Any questions? Please email us at friendsofyellowcreek@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you at the races!